Sunday, May 9, 2010

Layout Progress as of 5/9/2010

Signaling has arrived on the N-scale CSX Dixie Line! I recently completed the initial installation of Digitrax block detection and signaling at South End Emerson on the layout. This control point protects the interlocking where the switch is located at the south end of the Emerson passing siding at milepost WA39.9 on the CSX W&A Subdivision. The following photo tour shows the brand new CTC system in action.

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Arriving at South Emerson, we find a green signal indicating the CSX "AC" dispatcher in Atlanta has cleared an approaching northbound train:

Shortly afterwards, we hear the growling sound of diesel engines and a southbound train appears, rounding the curve on the siding as it emerges from the cut just across I-75. CSX A706 (the "Cartersville Turn") crawls across the overpass and stops short of the ground signal protecting the south end of the siding:

The ground signal is displaying a "Stop" aspect. Since the signals at South End Emerson are absolute signals, a train may not proceed beyond a red signal:

A few minutes later, the northbound we have been anticipating comes in to view from the south. This train is CSX G201, an empty unit grain train returning a long string of covered hoppers to the Midwest:

G201 knocks down the signal at South End Emerson as it rolls towards a meet with A706:

After the grain train clears the switch, the dispatcher clears the local to pull out of the siding and onto the mainline towards Atlanta. "CSX A706 has a medium clear at South End Emerson. Out.":

As the local enters the interlocking limits, the ground signal automatically drops to red:

With both trains well on the way to their destinations, all becomes quiet as the red signals stand guard at South End Emerson: