Monday, January 2, 2012

Layout Progress as of 1/2/2012

I have constructed a temporary bridge over the Etowah River. This structure will serve as a stand-in until the actual bridge can be constructed at a later time. The temporary bridge will allow the mainline track to be completed on the lower level and was constructed using the recycled section of spline roadbed that previously spanned the river. Eventually, seven ballasted deck girder bridge spans will rest on concrete piers in this scene.

» Photos

This photo shows how a 42" length of the existing spline roadbed was cut out where it spans the river. I have also installed 1/4" plywood to support the river bed:

This closeup photo shows how the left (north) end of the temporary bridge roadbed is supported on a cleat temporarily screwed to the permanent riser:

This closeup view shows the right (south) end of the temporary bridge roadbed with the first layer of cork roadbed installed across the gap: