Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Layout Progress as of 4/12/2011

It has been over two years since any trackwork has taken place on the CSX Dixie Line, but that changed over the weekend as work started to extend the roadbed through the new Etowah River scene. The CSX W&A Subdivision crosses the Etowah River just to the north of Emerson, GA, and this prototypical arrangement will be represented in the same fashion on the layout. Over the next few weeks I hope to have all of the lower level roadbed in place so I can extend the mainline beyond its current terminus just north of Emerson.

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This photo shows how the spline roadbed is joined to the dropdown gate by inserting a short "key" section of spline into a slot cut in the deck of the gate. You can clearly see the northernmost extent of the mainline where it ends on the gate. The first spline to be attached to the "key" spline can be seen against the backdrop:

The first spline has been glued to the "key" spline and clamped in place:

Somehow, a few of my risers were a full 1/4" too low. This problem was corrected by gluing some small sections of 1/4" stripwood to the tops of the risers. The nail is centered on the riser and provides a surface for clamping the first spline in position:

The second spline has been glued and clamped in place. You can see the dropdown gate at far right and the future location of the Etowah River bridge at far left. The aluminum angle will keep the splines perfectly straight across the bridge: