Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Layout Progress as of 9/24/2008

After making good progress during the first two months of construction, I decided to take a two week vacation away from the train room. After getting my fill of college and NFL football, I came back to the layout and managed to finally finish all of the 120-volt electrical work that powers the layout lighting and DCC components. While I enjoy electrical work, I have to admit I was very happy when I completed this project--running 14-2 cable and wiring 35 dual-outlet receptacles gets just a bit tedious after a while! I have included a few photos of this finished electrical work and a diagram to show how the whole thing fits together. It is funny to think that one day in the not too distant future, all of this work will be out of sight behind the skirting that will hang down below the fascia of the lower level.

Now that the high voltage electrical work has been completed, I can complete installation of the layout lighting on the lower level. I also plan on installing the middle level backdrops before doing the finish work on the already installed lower level backdrops. This way, I can do the finish work on both levels at the same time and I will not have to worry about drywall compound or paint dripping down onto a completed lower level when I finish the middle level backdrops.

Here is a diagram of the entire 120-volt "power strip" that runs below the benchwork:

Looking down the Emerson, GA aisle:

Looking down the Cartersville, GA aisle:

Looking back up the Cartersville, GA aisle towards where the helix will be located:

Looking at the short wall where the Etowah River valley will be located: