Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prototype Tour: Overview

My CSX Dixie Line layout represents a small section of two CSX subdivisions that run between Atlanta and Nashville via Chattanooga. The CSX W&A Subdivision runs from Atlanta to Chattanooga while the CSX Chattanooga Subdivision completes the journey from Chattanooga to Nashville. The following map shows the overall route and the two modeled areas on the layout (click map to view full size):

There are three reasons why I chose to model this particular piece of the massive CSX Transportation rail network. First of all, there is an incredible amount and variety of traffic along this route, particularly the lower portion of the W&A Sub from Cartersville down to Atlanta which has been labeled the busiest section of single track Class I mainline railroad in the United States. Secondly, the lush scenery in the hills and mountains of northwest Georgia and south central Tennessee provides an ideal setting to watch mile-long trains wind their way along the rails behind the modern marvels that are today's locomotives. And finally, the southeastern railroads seem to be severely underrepresented in the world of model railroads. Hopefully my layout will do justice to all three of these elements!