Sunday, March 22, 2009

Layout Progress as of 3/22/2009

This week I installed all of the cork roadbed in the Emerson area of the N-scale CSX Dixie Line layout. Rather than purchasing a commercial cork roadbed product, I chose to make homemade cork roadbed since I could customize the height & width of the roadbed. I have posted a detailed HOWTO article on how I did my homemade cork roadbed.

Here are some photos of the cork roadbed atop the laminated spline roadbed. Notice how the beveled edges have been carved and sanded into the cork roadbed:

Since the sidings are 3/16" lower than the mainline, I had to sand a transition ramp down from the mainline to the siding. In this picture, notice how the roadbed slopes down from the turnout in the distance to the siding in the foreground:

The double-thick cork roadbed continues across the dropdown gate that crosses the entrance to the layout room. I used a hacksaw blade to cut diagonal gaps in the roadbed that lineup to the diagonal gaps in the bridge deck. This allows the gate to swing down freely while still having a solid roadbed to be used for laying track across the gate:

I also cleaned up the end of the spiral temporary staging track roadbed built atop the helix base. After track is laid here, I will attach a small block of wood to keep trains from overrunning the end of track and vanishing into "the gulch":