Thursday, July 8, 2010

Layout Progress as of 7/8/2010

Scenery work continues at the Old Allatoona Road grade crossing at the southern end of the layout. With the wooded area behind the tracks mostly completed, I turned my attention to the hill between the tracks and the fascia. I added static grass, bushes and weeds, then trees. The photos below show the scenery progress in this area.

» Photos

Static grass has been applied along the road and the tracks (short 2mm fibers along the road and medium 4mm fibers along the tracks):

Next, bushes, weeds, vines and other undergrowth was added to between the grassy area and the wooded area:

These prototype photos show the actual scene being modeled. Note the crawling vines that have crept down the hillside and up to the ballast:

Finally, a handful of Scenic Express SuperTrees finishes off the scene. From normal viewing angles, these trees mostly obscure the opening in the backdrop:

One day that family in the red Explorer may actually make it across the tracks!