Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Layout Progress as of 9/28/2011

I have started work on the bridge where the CSX W&A Subdivision crosses over I-75 in Emerson, GA. I will be building this bridge in place; in other words, the bridge will be built around the existing spline roadbed. The only work completed so far is the removal of the scenery base where the bridge abutments will be installed:

Below, I have included a few pictures of the prototype structure courtesy of Google Maps and Bing Maps. The scene on the layout will be simplified compared to the prototype scene in that there will be no off ramps modeled. Instead, there will be two three-lane interstate roadways and three bridge piers.

Looking northbound from the on-ramp from Old Allatoona Road to I-75 northbound:

Looking southbound from the off-ramp from I-75 southbound to Old Allatoona Road:

Overhead view looking northbound: