Sunday, January 11, 2009

Layout Progress as of 1/11/2009

This week I installed the fascia on the front boards between the lower two levels of the CSX Dixie Line layout. Although this could have easily been deferred to a future project, I went ahead and did it now because the glare from the visible layout lighting was really getting to be annoying, especially in photography. It is also much nicer walking around and working in the train room without having to stare directly into 31 lighting fixtures.

The fascia is made of 5" wide strips of 1/8" tempered hardboard fastened to the front boards with drywall screws and finishing washers. I used vinyl paneling molding between all vertical seams to yield a nice, clean look. When completed, the fascia will be primed and painted to match the color of the room walls.

The following two photos show the dramatic improvement from installing the fascia. The two photos show the helix base taken from basically the same angle, but the first was taken before installation of the fascia and the second was taken afterwards. Notice how much more "pleasant" everything looks with the lights blocked out by the fascia: