Saturday, February 14, 2009

Track Plan v3.0

There a few significant changes in version 3.0 of the CSX Dixie Line track plan:

(1) The helix has reverted back to a circle from the oval that appeared in the previous version of the track plan. I have become convinced that the circular helix will perform just fine based on feedback I have received from owners of other layouts. I can always go back to the oval (apace is available) in the event the circular helix experiences problems.

(2) The K&A Subdivision track has been added between the helix and the Cartersville area. This track will serve as a reverse loop section and greatly enhance operations. Trains running between Atlanta, GA and Knoxvile, TN 9and points north) will now enter and exit the layout on this track. The will basically go from south staging-to-staging while only appearing on the lower level of the layout, which is prototypically correct.

(3) The Emerson area of the trackplan now shows track arrangements as they will actually appear on the layout. This arrangement was laid out using actual track mockups on the layout.

Lower Level

Middle Level

Upper Level