Sunday, November 14, 2010

Layout Progress as of 11/14/2010

Recent progress on the layout includes adding additional layers of vegetation to existing scenery, adding new vegetation to bare scenes, and adding a few details here and there. The photo above shows a good example of what I have been working on recently. Some of the new "little touches" that really impact the realism of this scene include:

  • The electrical box that houses the circuitry for the grade crossing signals

  • Additional bushes and shrubs around the base of the hill

  • Small tufts of dry grass in a few places

I still have to decide what to do with that bare patch of grass in the foreground. On the prototype, there is dense brush with a side street angling away. While the dense brush would obscure most of the scene, I am still contemplating adding a driveway and a few mailboxes to represent the street that leads to a few homes.

The next photo shows the same scene looking north towards the recently added rock cut that I described in another post. I have included a prototype photo to show how the modeled scene compares to the real thing:

Some of the work I have done in this area includes:

  • Adding static grass to the hill above the rock cut

  • Adding bushes, weeds and vines between the tracks and the trees

  • Adding static grass down the center of the access road

  • Adding the CSX "No Trespassing" sign from a digital photo

  • Adding tress and bushes in front of the tracks

While this scene looks complete, if you look closely you can see bare ground extends past the grass covered areas. I still have lots of vegetation to add to this scene, plus I am working on a concept for adding high tension power lines that cross the tracks at the rock cut.