Thursday, November 25, 2010

Layout Progress as of 11/25/2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Aside from consuming mass quantities of turkey and all the trimmings, I did some additional scenery work around South Emerson on the layout. I am mostly adding vegetation behind the tracks to the north of the rock cut and in front of the tracks between the Allatoona Road grade crossing and the I-75 overpass.

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Looking north at the South Emerson turnout, I have added gravel in front of the tracks where the signal relay shed will be located. The line poles can still be found along most of the right-of-way despite the fact that they were taken out of service sometime in the early 1990s. They are a prominent feature above the rock cut on the prototype as they are on the layout:

The next photo is the same area as above but looking in the opposite direction (south). The newly added scenery includes the cluster of trees and grassy hillside to the left, bushes and vines, and the ballast around the signals: