Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Layout Progress as of 10/29/2008

Progress has literally rolled on the last few days as I managed to roll on two full coats of primer to all of the Masonite backdrops. It is amazing how much brighter the room becomes when those panels go from dark brown to bright white! Next up on the agenda is to get all of the basic sky colors painted on the backdrops, then it should be time to move on to the helix and the gate across the room entrance lower level.

Here are a few closeup views of the Emerson, GA area on the lower level with only the layout lights on. With the backdrop now brighter than the benchwork and room walls, you start to get the feel of the "museum effect" produced by this type of construction. Note the plastic sheeting stapled to the underside of the lower level that protects the room carpet from paint drips. Also note the semi-gloss sheen of the primer; the top coat will be flat latex interior paint to eliminate any glare or reflection:

A few more wider shots of the layout showing the primed backdrops: